Russ Lawton grew up in the Boston area where he began drumming professionally and studying with Gene Roma. Early in his career, Russ toured with the Afro-fusion band Zzebra, formed by Osibisa's Nigerian-born percussionist Lofty Amao. He currently tours and records with a variety of musicians including Phish's Trey Anastasio. Collaborating with Trey includes co-writing songs from Phish's "Farmhouse" CD (featuring the Grammy-nominated song First Tube), Trey's first solo CD, the live "Plasma" CD, and "Live at the Warfield Theatre" DVD with Trey and Carlos Santana, as well as his three latest releases "The Horseshoe Curve", "Tab At The Tab Live" in Atlanta, and “Traveler.”

a href="">Russ's television appearances are PBS's Austin City Limits with Trey Anastasio, Late Night with David Letterman, The Jimmy Fallon Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Conan O'Brien Show and The Carson Daly Show.

Russ also tours with his fellow TAB band-member, Ray Paczkowski; the Vermont Funk duo, Soule Monde. When not with Trey or Soule Monde, Russ plays with a variety of other musicians which repertoire includes blues, funk, country and rock. In between gigs, Russ keeps busy with his drum students and various studio dates.

Other notable work includes the music for the independent movies "Mud Season", Mike Gordon's "Outside Out" and "Left Hand Path."


Paper Wheels Tray Anastasio
Smashed World Soule Monde
The Soule Monde LP
Smashed World by Soule Monde
Traveler by Trey Anastasio
Between Two Points by Perry Nunn
Full Brogue Eric Pace
Kevin Griffin Laughing Buddha
A Family Christmas by Mike Woodward
Solo World Jeff Sampson
Patience: The Roots Of Soule
Trey Anastasio: Trey Anastasio (first solo record), Plasma, The Horseshoe Curve, Tab At The Tab
Compilations w/ Trey Anastasio: Bonnaroo 2002&2004
Austin City Limits Festival: 2004
Jennifer Hartswick: Ocean Floor (tracks 1-6-7-8), Fuse
The Shrine Afrobeat w/Jimi Sholanke: Eje Kajo
Mike Gordon: Inside In, The Green Sparrow (Pretend)
Zzebra: The LA recordings
Gordon Stone: Even With The Odds
Keith Lewis: Shine, Exhausted Alibi's
Ron Levy: Finding My way, Voodoo Boogaloo
The Dirtminers: American Typewriter
Rich Price: Moonlight Breaks ( Tracks 5-8-9)
Rhythmo Loco: All Time Low
Dan King: Two Kinds Of Mind
Sharin The Groove: Runaway Jim
Sarah Swain: One Girl Town
The Grift: Live at Nectar's Trk 7&8
Zeile August: Cloudbursting
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Laslo Cameo: 2nd Avenue Serenade
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